How to build a poem so you’ll remember my name

hearts bleed secrets

cutting lines

living in circles

can make you blind

there have been hints

written in the sky

that are hard to read sometimes

worlds collided from there to here

on chance shaped by

background noise

and spilled ink

no gimmicks

no roadside flairs

nothing is what it ever was

chrome cities

shiny toy guns

fucked up love suicide missions

that was then, this is now

new abandon temples to hollow out

but not alone

the wanting to

hide behind raspberry bushes

and reshape the sun, with you

get drenched in syrup

from your smile

feed on energy

from burning planets

from words that escape our lips

that may not last forever

i don’t know what this all means

but time is never lost

when the nights are young

when sleepless hours

break walls made of glass

silence always reveals the truth

but i’m here to say out loud

maybe someday i can touch your face

and call you mine

(C) S. Lynette, 2023

Author: Lady on a Wire

Shannon Lynette is a poetess who resides in Albany, New York. She is the author of the titles A Place with No Name (2003), Lady on a Wire (2012), and Awkward Years (2022). Her work has also appeared in varies anthologies.

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