fuck all

the pussy

so they can

feel dead inside

kill the living

kill those who

mean nothing

who had too

much life

too much status

let them know

what it feels like

to be empty

because some

need to be

taught a lesson

that dragging

your feet

through many

busy streets

has only resulted

in a mix of

not giving a

flying fuck

so beat down

those fleshy

desert flowers

and piss on

all of them

to leave

your mark

you will

come back

with a new

set of rules

and i will

be here


to break

every single

one of them

(C) S. Lynette, 2023

Author: Lady on a Wire

Shannon Lynette is a poetess who resides in Albany, New York. She is the author of the titles A Place with No Name (2003), Lady on a Wire (2012), and Awkward Years (2022). Her work has also appeared in varies anthologies.

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