How to build a poem so you’ll remember my name

hearts bleed secrets

cutting lines

living in circles

can make you blind

there have been hints

written in the sky

that are hard to read sometimes

worlds collided from there to here

on chance shaped by

background noise

and spilled ink

no gimmicks

no roadside flairs

nothing is what it ever was

chrome cities

shiny toy guns

fucked up love suicide missions

that was then, this is now

new abandon temples to hollow out

but not alone

the wanting to

hide behind raspberry bushes

and reshape the sun, with you

get drenched in syrup

from your smile

feed on energy

from burning planets

from words that escape our lips

that may not last forever

i don’t know what this all means

but time is never lost

when the nights are young

when sleepless hours

break walls made of glass

silence always reveals the truth

but i’m here to say out loud

maybe someday i can touch your face

and call you mine

(C) S. Lynette, 2023

Iridescent Madness (lady on a wire#10)

(Lady on a Wire and Mike Zone collaboration)

the mind is a weird mechanism
moving into exile
anytime on purpose

a reservoir of secrets
burning alive with
subliminal messages
of rebound history lessons

shaped with shiny flakes of spiderwebs
getting thrown in the wind
but never finds a place to stick
there are no happy accidents
and this world is turning to shit
feeling exposed with dark matter
bubbling up from the center

it’s part of the universe
made from radioactive waste
of distant suns
where orchestrated desires
will only last for so long

space diamond dust
will pepper the fire
with its nuclear waste

no one’s safe from
marching ghosts
raking over coals
from one dimensional space

random thoughts
raw desires
whirlwinds of counterfeit

all tucked away in the
asylum of locked doors
where hollowed out metaphors
walk alone

fuck love
i said fuck love

it’s all going to shit anyway
and all that’s left is our dead eyes
trying to save us all

(C) S. Lynette, 2023 (from Razorville)

Dismal Morningstars (Lady on a Wire#17)

(Lady on a Wire and Mike Zone Collaboration)

geometric shapes

written out in morning stars

testing time through

the burning hourglass

messages hidden in

flying trapeze acts

goth clowns raising havoc

on the tightrope

chasing the dark

through paranormal glances

sideshow headliners

steal the souls of onlookers

winter chills

silent screams

summersault through

the burning ash of dreams

puppeteers stretching truths

in this museum of the dead

the world waits for a new

cabaret to turn

lady on a wire

mr. zone

magicians of the darkness

owning the limelight

with graveyard antics

they don’t play with

with disjointed fools

come one, come all

this is nothing short

of a three-ring affair

desperate jesters, unicycle monkeys

junkies for the thrill

all try to play along

with their own dismal stars

snow begins to fall

coating the big top

like a weighted blanket

exhausting the spell to

hypnotize the masses

time ends eventually

light fades

blackness falls

leaving silence between

unmeasured fault lines

until the next day comes

(C) S. Lynette, 2023 (from Razorville)

Ball busting plea (Lady on a Wire#11)

(Lady on a Wire and Mike Zone collaboration)

you write a bold anthem
within this junkyard fantasy
black omens rise above
secrets etched in the woodgrain
ball busting atomic winters
i was made for this
murder for ransom with notes
written on war paper planes
traveling in dream time
in a post-apocalyptic suicide mission
tragedies will circle the ruins
half past noon
riddles are found etched
on the bones of our ancestors
maybe the origin of
mockingbird affairs are
found there
the prophet will graffiti
the city with forged promise
ask questions to the burning tree
shadows that bend backward
but i tell you
they do come back
with razorblade edges
in their eyes looking for
deep throat advances
this world has plenty
of origami lifelines
crashing them into manic
moon waves
reading scriptures
from the book of mirrors
under a dark veil
you turn a page and say
you can’t win them all
so with that i say
i’ll keep your balls
right where i want them
for now

(C) S. Lynette, 2023 (from Razorville)


when a siren sings

everything stops


village idiots

dead beat comrades

all want a piece of what we have

tossing away thoughts to the floor

makes vacancies for more

burning desires from

across state lines

for each other

we are parasites on parade

feeding on the others ink from pens


star gazing

dancing a waltz for lovers

between the sheets

living abstract

touch my lady bits

with your long measured

free verse

visual moments of

light and color

filter tones

between my thighs

forged letters

will become unmasked

swallowed into their own

burning ashes

fraudulent cities will crumble

against their paradoxes

and turn to powder

they can’t have what they

thought was theirs

bone and teeth

poems and blood letters

from sacred vaults

they can’t bring us down

we already own the night

as we become one body

and will make it a relic

to our forms

-S. L 2023

I like when you talk

i like when

you talk those

big words

your sentences

glide across

my thighs

those eyes

wanna learn

the secrets

they hide


migrate to

my belly

any time you

say my name

can’t wait till

your lips curve

around my…

and do it again

hold me close

lose your

fingers in

my hair

until morning


(C) S. Lynette, 2023 -from Kissing Strangers, Coming Soon!