Poetry and Chaos


orphans of love written out in poems the sun fondling its way through the blinds exploring bodies in dim morning light blooming orchid waiting to be watered and feel whole again (C) S. Lynette, 2023

Dismal Morningstars (Lady on a Wire#17)

(Lady on a Wire and Mr. Zone Collaboration) geometric shapes written out in morning stars testing time through the burning hourglass messages hidden in flying trapeze acts goth clowns raising havoc on the tightrope chasing the dark through paranormal glances sideshow headliners steal the souls of onlookers winter chills silent screams summersault through the burning…

Ball busting plea(Lady on a Wire#11)

(Lady on a Wire, Mr. Zone collaboration) you write a bold anthemwithin this junkyard fantasyblack omens rise abovesecrets etched in the woodgrainball busting atomic wintersi was made for thismurder for ransom with noteswritten on war paper planestraveling in dream timein a post-apocalyptic suicide missiontragedies will circle the ruinshalf past noonriddles are found etchedon the bones…

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