Smashing Hearts

spilled coffee

shapes the day

when your

surroundings are

made of noise

wanting to sit

this one out

to hide the

cuts and bruises

that dig deep

it’s ok to be empty

crushing the wild

with bitter tongue tied


makes you more human

from the inside

mixed messages

shot down in

crossfire extensions

just to bend to break

because you’re seen

wearing the crazy

on the scene

smashing hearts

to run the line that’s familiar

even if it’s not the right

place to catch your breath

stranded between

those who need to be saved

and the heart you keep


bridges were built to last

for only a little while

because sometimes

they need to feel the sting

so you can save yourself

from deep center

purge the days that seems to

cling onto dead planets rising

and look what’s in front of you

there’s plenty of space

to unravel new shapes

(C) S. Lynette, 2023

Something That Never Was

turning up the volume

to something that should

already be there

marked by a number

that shouldn’t hold you so tightly

by the throat

by love affair convictions

flowers full of poisoned pollen

all the “i’m sorry’s”

all the “i’ll do better until tomorrow’s”

hallmark cards telling bedded lies

and giving off sharp fingered gestures

no one cares about

scapegoat advances

one-way avenues

that part away from the center

locked cannon devices on standby

all the “forgive me’s”

all the “i didn’t mean it’s”

being shoved under the rug

hoping no ripples form

fuck your red paper hearts

left on my skin

you, choking on

your own caramelized

twisted truths

lips salty

setting traps to catch

white chocolate

virgin suicide girls

just so you can tell

them how much to bleed

in your burning bed

full of spit and fabricated storylines

all will eventually fade

in the background

soaking up anything left to steal

(C) S. Lynette, 2023