Another new book release!

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of when my first book, A Place with No Name, was published. For years I have wanted to do a second edition, as the first one wasn’t quite satisfactory in my opinion. Because of a mediocre final result, it became the bane of my existence. On a whim, I decided this would be the year I would redo it, making it as it was intended. Same as the first edition, I did NOT rewrite anything that was in the original notes before publication. The poems in this collection were written in notebooks and journals from the ages of 11-25. I took the completed poems as they were written, nothing was edited or changed. The only difference in the second edition is formatting, as over the years I have gotten better at it.

Since these poems are from the beginning of my poetry “career”, they are in fact, not my best. However, what makes them interesting is how young I was when I wrote them.

If you have the first edition and you are picking up the second, thank you so much for your continued support. If you are picking it up for the first time, Thank you so much for your interest! You can grab a copy of this gem on Amazon. If you do decide to purchase a copy, I invite you to write a review so I know what you think!

Author: Lady on a Wire

Shannon Lynette is a poetess who resides in Albany, New York. She is the author of the titles A Place with No Name (2003), Lady on a Wire (2012), and Awkward Years (2022). Her work has also appeared in varies anthologies.

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